Inspirational Story of the Year As White Sox Activate Hendriks

No matter what else happens in the world of baseball this year, nothing can top the inspirational story of Liam Hendriks. The All-Star Aussie closer slammed the door on cancer, beating Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma this past winter and spring, and now he is set to be activated on Monday.

The White Sox and their players posted this video message on social media to their beloved teammate:

“Your journey is an inspiration. We couldn’t be more proud. Welcome back Liam Hendriks,” wrote the team's Twitter account. 

Hendriks confirmed his return date as Monday with this post today on Instagram:

Hendriks' last round of chemotherapy was back on April 3. Since then, he's made six rehab appearances with Triple-A Charlotte.

“He’s filling up the zone and getting some outs,” catcher Seby Zavala said after facing Hendriks. “The stuff looks good. I think it comes down now to how he feels.

“You talk to him, he says he’s feeling good.”

The White Sox Twitter account had another post that summed it all up this way: