Former NBA Executive Trying To Bring MLB Team & Massive Ballpark To Florida

Orlando City, led by Orlando Magic co-founder Pat Williams, is actively pursuing the goal of bringing a Major League Baseball (MLB) team to the city.

Their vision includes the construction of a state-of-the-art MLB stadium, with an estimated cost of $1.7 billion. The proposed stadium, designed to seat approximately 45,000 fans, would become the largest privately funded project for a publicly owned MLB stadium.

The financing plan involves securing $700 million in private funds and relying on public financing through the Tourist Development Tax (TDT). The project's funding model signifies the significant investment Orlando is willing to make to accommodate an MLB franchise.

The stadium complex would not only feature the ballpark but also include retail shops, restaurants, office space, hotels, and parking facilities.

Orlando's bid to attract an MLB team faces competition from other cities, but the city's favorable factors include being the largest media market in the US without a Major League Baseball team and its status as the world's most visited tourist destination.

The proposed Orlando Dreamers team hopes to take advantage of the MLB's potential expansion plans, positioning themselves as a strong contender for an expansion franchise.

Or, even if they don't get the expansion, moving the Tampa Bay Rays to Orlando would make great sense.

The unveiling of the stadium design is a significant step forward in the pursuit of a professional baseball team in Orlando.

Pat Williams emphasizes the importance of factors such as a strong marketplace, a well-designed ballpark, a competent front office staff, and a committed owner in securing an MLB team. With the proposed stadium and comprehensive project plan in place, Orlando's dream of joining the ranks of cities with a Major League Baseball presence inches closer to reality.