Tigers Sign Nicaraguan Pitcher Who Struck Out Three Dominican Superstars At WBC

How's this for a story?

Duque Hebbert, a 21-year-old pitcher from Nicaragua, made headlines at the World Baseball Classic by striking out three MLB superstars in one inning during a game against the Dominican Republic.

Hebbert's performance caught the attention of Detroit Tigers scout Luis Molina, who offered him a minor league contract with the Tigers.

The young right-hander's remarkable performance saw him sit down some of the best hitters in the sport, including Juan Soto, Julio Rodríguez, and Rafael Devers, while allowing just one hit in a scoreless inning of work.

Hebbert's manager, Sandor Guido, praised his "extraordinary" will and heart during the game. Despite Nicaragua's loss, the national team congratulated Hebbert on his great work, sharing a photo of him holding up a baseball and expressing pride in his accomplishment. 

Now, with a minor league contract in hand, Hebbert will have an opportunity to showcase his skills and improve his game. The Tigers will likely have him start at the lower levels to begin the 2023 season.

Overall, Hebbert's impressive performance in the World Baseball Classic has garnered much attention and could be the start of a promising career in baseball. 
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 Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports