"Something Went Really Wrong": Disaster Strikes New York Mets At WBC

The New York Mets'—and every MLB team's—nightmare scenario unfolded after Puerto Rico's upset win over the Dominican Republic at the World Baseball Classic Wednesday night. Mets' star closer Edwin Diaz, moments after beginning the celebration with his teammates, was on the ground in pain, unable to move his outstretched right leg. 

"Something went really wrong... Oh no..." 

Diaz had to be taken from the field in a wheelchair, unable to put any weight on the leg. 

The pandemonium of celebration dramatically turned to frightened and concerned faces. And tears, as Diaz's brother Alexis, a pitcher for the Cincinnati Reds, was weeping on the field. 

The Mets are now calling it a right knee injury, with no other information given at this point. Testing will be done throughout the day on Thursday.

“It was really tough to see that,” said Dominican Republic left fielder Juan Soto. “He’s a tremendous pitcher, a tremendous person. You just feel really uncomfortable and helpless in a situation like that.”

Puerto Rican manager Yadi Molina: “It sucks. When you see a guy that works so hard like Edwin, I mean when you see him on the ground like that … it just is sad.”

Puerto Rico beating the Dominican to advance to the quarterfinals of the WBC was supposed to send shockwaves through the sport. But not this way.

 Photo: Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports