Report: "Conceptual Issue" Prevents Reynolds, Pirates Agreement

Normally, baseball contracts come down to the money. How much and for how long? But in the case of outfielder Bryan Reynolds and the Pittsburgh Pirates, all that financial stuff has apparently been worked out. But a "conceptual issue" is still preventing a new long-term extension from getting done.

What that "conceptual issue" is, is still unknown. It could be a no-trade clause, it could be opt-outs, but no one knows at this point. Whatever it is, however, it's preventing an agreement from being struck. 

As the two sides were more than $50M apart on the money side of things earlier this offseason, the fact that they've agreed on financial terms is a huge bonus. The Pirates' earlier offers topped out at six years, $80 million, according to Jason Mackey of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Reynolds' camp was looking more in the $134M range. Somehow, that gap has been closed.

But there's still this mystery hold-up, and the next move is unknown. 

Pirates owner Bob Nutting met one-on-one with Reynolds in Florida during spring training to put his personal stamp on things. 

For now, the best news for Pirates fans, per Mackey, is that "neither side has shut the door for getting something done."

Photo: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports