VIDEO: Panama's Luis Castillo Holds On For Incredible Catch At WBC

During the second game of the 2023 World Baseball Classic, a dramatic moment unfolded in the game between Panama and Chinese Taipei.

Panama was leading 5-0 when Chinese Taipei's leadoff hitter Tsung-Che Cheng hit a pitch from Panama right-hander Randall Delgado deep into right-center field. The ball looked like it was going for extra bases or even a home run, but Panama's outfielders, Luis Castillo and Jose Ramos, began converging towards the ball until they collided with each other.

To the crowd's surprise and Cheng's confusion, it was later confirmed that Castillo had made an incredible catch, even after colliding with his teammate.

Despite the impact, Castillo remarkably held onto the ball, securing an out for Panama. The catch was so impressive that it's already being considered the catch of the tournament so far.

Panama went on to win the game.