Two-Time All-Star Second Baseman Retires

He was a two-time All-Star in his 10 major league seasons, nine of them spent in Cleveland. Now, at the age of 35, former second baseman Jason Kipnis has announced his retirement from baseball.

Kipnis posted his retirement on social media, leaving the game grateful he was part of it for a decade, but with regrets that he didn't get to go out on his own terms. A broken hamate bone on his last swing with the Guardians in his penultimate season left him wanting more. He last played for the Chicago Cubs in 2020.

I'd be lying if I said I wanted to write this. To have to officially acknowledge that my time as a player in the game of baseball is over. I always heard you rarely get to end your career on your own terms. They weren't lying. Breaking my hamate bone on my last swing with Cleveland meant no fun hat tip before leaving. Got to go home and wear the Cubbie blue and return to Cle as a visitor; pandemic, empty stadiums, no closure. Instead, it ended the way my professional career started, riding buses in the minor leagues. And then the lockout happened, and before I knew it, it was over. My mind and body just aren't up for the commitment anymore.
Frustrating at first, but there's only one feeling I'm left with that stands out above all.... Gratitude.
He went on to thank everyone from family and friends, to teammates and coaches. 

"Lastly, thank you to the game of baseball. The impact you've had on my life is immeasurable. From the dreams of a boy in Northbrook to the biggest stage there is. You've shaped me into who I am today.
It was an honor and a privilege to play this game. I may regret the way we ended, but I will never regret what we had. I am forever a fan of yours."

Kipnis finished his career with a .260 average and a .750 OPS. His best season came in 2016, when he had career highs with 23 HR, 82 RBIs and 91 runs with an .811 OPS. 

Good luck to Jason in his retirement.

Photo: David Richard-USA TODAY Sports