New York Mets Rumors: Pitcher Linked to Baltimore Orioles

The New York Mets are heading into the 2023 season with a surplus of starting pitchers. Due to this, they are reportedly listening to offers for Carlos Carrasco. Now, it appears that a new team is expressing interest in him, as the Baltimore Orioles reportedly have him on their radar. 

It is easy to understand why the Orioles are considering the prospect of adding Carrasco to their group. When looking at their roster, it is undeniable that they need another starter, and Carrasco would of course provide them with just that. Although he is not the big-name pitcher that the Orioles are likely hoping for, he is still quite solid when performing at his best and could serve well in the middle of their rotation because of it. 

Carrasco put together a 15-7 record to go along with a 3.97 ERA and 152 strikeouts last season. Overall, he could be a decent addition to an Orioles team that is on the rise, but we will now need to wait and see if their interest in him leads to them acquiring him from here.

photo credit: © Rich Storry-USA TODAY Sports