Doctor: Carlos Correa Has 'Worst Ankle He's Seen'

The Minnesota Twins aren't concerned with the medical reports on Carlos Correa's ankle. They've put $200 million dollars behind that belief. But according to a report, "one doctor suggested Correa has the worst ankle he’s seen." Yikes. 

That's the report from Jon Heyman of the New York Post. He went on to say that one rival team executive "called it a 'Houdini' job to get that much after a 'collapsed market.'"

Medical exams on Correa's ankle caused both the San Francisco Giants and the New York Mets to back away from their 13- and 12-year offers to Correa, at $350M and $285M, respectively. But the Twins are just saying, "what, me worry?". 

The $200M over six seasons is guaranteed, but Correa can earn another $70M over another four years if he meets certain plate appearance criteria. 

As for that 'Houdini', in this case otherwise known as Scott Boras, he feels that Correa's "functional fitness" outweighs the long-term concerns of the ankle, which has a plate in it from a 2014 surgery.

"This scenario is about a large separation in the orthopedic community about functional fitness and clinical exam versus looking at an MRI," said Boras, in protecting his prized client. "Surgeons who don't treat athletes but they do a lot of surgery will look at an MRI and say one thing, and the other doctors that treat patients and look at them and they find little credence in the MRIs when they've seen dramatic performance."

The Twins are certainly hoping for some dramatics—in a good way—in the 2023 season.

Photo: Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports