"Wow, What A Journey": Carlos Correa & Mets Issue Statements

Minnesota Twins fans can finally exhale. Carlos Correa's physical has been completed. And... he passed! The contract has become official. 

The Twins will hold a (re-)introductory news conference with Correa during the lunch hour today, but his initial comments are already out there:

“Wow what a journey it’s been," Correa said. "A lot of emotions involved throughout the whole process but always believed at the end of the day God will put me in the right place.” 

After his physicals with the San Francisco Giants and then the New York Mets put the kibosh on $350M and then $315M free agent deals, respectively, Correa and his agent Scott Boras went back to the incumbent Twins, who had originally offered him 10 years, $285M, and they now settled for a 6-year, $200M contract. It contains playing incentives annually for another possible four years, that could bring the total value to $270M. 

Correa's 2014 ankle surgery that has left a plate in his leg to this day is the cause of all the problems, so the Twins have baked in plate appearance clauses for those last few years as protection. 

As for the New York Mets, who had to cut bait on Correa, they issued a simple, terse statement today:

“We were unable to reach an agreement. We wish Carlos all the best.”

 Photo: Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports