Oakland Athletics Release Multiple Players

With spring training right around the corner, it is common to see teams start trimming their rosters. As a result, the Oakland Athletics are following this trend, as they have parted ways with Daniel Martinez, Joe DeMers, Clark Cota, Luis Florentino, Alexis Cedano, Javier Reina, Gimy Rojas, and Robin Vazquez.

All of these minor leaguers are right-handed pitchers, so perhaps we will see Oakland elect to sign some other righties from here. With these moves, the A's have freed up plenty of roster space for them to bring in other talent, so time will tell if it does in fact come to fruition. 

Nevertheless, we will need to wait and see if these pitchers find a new home before the start of the season from here.

photo credit: © Neville E. Guard-USA TODAY Sports