MLB Rumors: LA Dodgers Making Push for Minnesota Twins Outfielder

The Los Angeles Dodgers are looking to add to their outfield group before the start of the 2023 season. As a result of this, they are currently browsing the trade market, and one player they are making a push for is Minnesota Twins slugger Max Kepler.

The Twins are shopping Kepler after another down year. However, when noting that he has had plenty of past success, there is reason to believe that he can bounce back with a change of scenery. As a result, it is easy to see why the Dodgers are making a push to acquire the veteran.

It will be intriguing to see if this interest ends up leading to the Dodgers successfully acquiring Kepler before the start of the regular season from here. On paper, a match seems to be there, but we will need to wait and see if that does in fact occur from here,

photo credit: © Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports