Here's Why The New York Mets Lost Out On Carlos Correa

It was only this past weekend that Ken Rosenthal correctly informed us that Carlos Correa's new deal—with the New York Mets or anybody else—would be "substantially different" than the 12-year, $315M offer the Mets originally made, due to Correa's troublesome medicals.

Now that the Minnesota Twins have scooped him up for $200M guaranteed after 19 days of Scott Boras negotiations with the Mets, one has to wonder why Steve Cohen and his crew couldn't finish the deal. 

Word is that the Mets' latest offer was 6 years, $157M, which obviously falls short of the Twins' deal by a considerable amount. But there's more:

According to MLB reporter Michael Marino, as part of the Mets' deal, Correa would have had to take an annual physical each year in order to guarantee the following year if passed. So the 6 years, $157M was far from guaranteed—it was contingent on him passing a new physical every year. 

The Twins have simply guaranteed Correa $200M for six years. Period. They've conducted their physical on his infamous surgically-repaired ankle/leg, and are comfortable enough with it to make this deal. Then for potential years seven through 10, if the shortstop is able to generate a sufficient number of at-bats the previous season, the next one kicks in. 

Photo: Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports