SHOCKER: Carlos Correa Saga Has Stunning Conclusion

In a stunning development, the Minnesota Twins have swooped in and re-signed free agent Carlos Correa out from under the New York Mets' noses. 

It's a 6-year, $200M contract, according to Jeff Passan. There's a vesting option that could earn Correa an extra $70M for four additional years. And then of course, "it is pending a physical." BUT, never fear, Twins fans, the scary part of his physical, according to a report, has already been done:

With the medical history in mind, here's how the later years of his contract break down: 

His conditional salaries from years seven through 10 are $25M, $20M, $15M and finally $10M. He guarantees years seven through 10 with 500+ plate appearances in each preceding year. 

At $200M as the guarantee, this contract is $150M less than what he signed for originally with the San Francisco Giants last month, and $115M less than he would have gotten from the Mets. 

It's all due to that troublesome medical that doctors from both those teams were concerned with, regarding an old ankle injury suffered in 2014. Correa still has a plate in that leg, and it even flared up briefly during a game this past season. 

But the Twins are comfortable with it, and clearly, wanted him back real bad. Correa spent the 2022 season in the Twin Cities after signing a 3-year deal with an opt-out, which he exercised. Little did he know it would lead to... all this. 

 Photo: Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports