"What The F**k Happened?": Boston Players, Fans & Media React To Bogaerts

 It hit like a ton of bricks. The Boston Red Sox, its players, media and fans were all stunned by the news that longtime shortstop Xander Bogaerts, after a day of seemingly positive signs that he would return, is off to San Diego with a $280M offer that blew everyone out of the water. 

Warning: Twitter content is NSFW. 

Infamous Boston sports fan (and sports media guy) Bill Simmons wrote "Why not take care of Xander last winter w/ a 175m range extension over blowing him off and signing Story for 140m?," and "The Red Sox owners can f**k off."

ESPN's Buster Olney wrote, "there’s so much about the way the Red Sox handled Xander Bogaerts’s situation that doesn’t make sense. For example: they spent more money to sign Yoshida (($105m), a corner OF about the same age as Bogaerts, than they offered Bogaerts, an All-Star SS, in the spring. ($90m)." 

As for Bogey's teammates, his partner in crime as the leaders of the Red Sox attack for the last several years, Rafael Devers, sent an emotional message to his departed teammate: 

"Thank you for teaching me many things. I will always admire you as a person, and as a baseball player you are the best. You are a role model," said Devers. 

And of course, Devers can become a free agent at the end of the 2023 season. Here we go again...

 Wendell Cruz-USA TODAY Sports