Teams "Checking In" On Carlos Correa Following Mets' Snag

It was another shocking development over the weekend, as the New York Mets became the second team to find issues with Carlos Correa's medical. Now, as the two sides try to figure out the next steps, "word is that a few other teams have checked in" on Correa over the past couple of days, according to MLB Insider Jon Heyman.

The difference, however, between these latest developments and in the case when the San Francisco Giants found problems with a past injury of Correa's during their physical, is that agent Scott Boras is not pulling the deal off the table and running to find a new partner. He and the Mets are said to be “working on things” and there appears to be "some optimism things could be worked out," according to Heyman. 

"Substantive talks" seem to be ongoing to try to resolve it. It could take the form of some type of language in the contract to protect the Mets if Correa's old injury concerns prevent him from playing at some point. A less likely scenario would be a reworking of the terms of the deal. 

Doctors with the Mets, just like with the Giants, have shown concern for a leg injury that Correa suffered at the age of 19 while still in the minors. He has a plate in the leg to this day, and there's some worry about how it will hold up as the 28-year-old ages into the 12-year contract. 

There was actually a brief occurrence this season when Correa got spiked in the leg on a play at second base, and it went numb momentarily. He didn't miss any time because of it, however. 

Photo: Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports