San Francisco Giants Pivot To Shortstop Market

The San Francisco Giants took a mighty swing, but ultimately struck out in their attempt to lure Aaron Judge to the Bay Area. But they're still on the hunt for a superstar this winter, and now they'll turn their attention to where the only other superstars remain.

The shortstop market still boasts Carlos Correa, Xander Bogaerts and Dansby Swanson, and Correa seems to be at the top of their list, according to Giants reporter Alex Pavlovic of NBC Sports.

Former major leaguer Carlos Baerga, who has broken some big signings over the last couple of years, and called the Justin Verlander deal to the New York Mets 12 hours in advance, has been posting to his Instagram that the Giants will be landing Correa. Just to be clear, he also thought that the Giants were getting both Correa AND Judge. Nobody's perfect.

The Giants clearly have plenty of money to throw around now (like, at least $360M), and will be surely using it. Soon.

Photo: Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports