MLB Rumors: NL Central Team "Most Likely" To Sign Swanson

The free agent shortstop market is down to two, and there have been a number of teams linked to the pair. However, while Carlos Correa is working teams to try to score a contract worth over $300M, his counterpart, Dansby Swanson, is likely able to be had for a number well under $200M. 

The Chicago Cubs have been hot on Swanson's trail, and as noted by MLB Network's Jim Bowden, are the "most likely" to sign him. 

Bowden says the Cubs are still all-in on Correa as well, but if they don't get him, Swanson is the likely choice.  

The San Francisco Giants have also been notably pushing hard to make a big splash with Correa, but the latest word has them being "in contact" with Swanson now, as well.

Other teams are still in here too: The Los Angeles Dodgers and Boston Red Sox are clubs that have lost their star shortstops already this winter, and are keen to replace them, while the Minnesota Twins could be joining that parade as well if Correa goes elsewhere. Swanson is a nice alternative for any of those clubs. 

And of course, don't completely write off the incumbent Braves, though it appears there's been very limited contact between the two sides this offseason. 

Photo: Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports