MLB Rumors: Insider Links 5 Outfielders to San Diego Padres

The San Diego Padres made a monstrous splash when they shockingly signed Xander Bogaerts, but there's no chance that they are done making moves yet. This is a club in win-now mode, and they will be adding an outfielder before the offseason is completed. MLB insider Buster Olney has noted A.J. Pollock, Michael Brantley, Andrew McCutchen, Michael Conforto, and Kevin Kiermaier as potential options.

There's no question that any of these players would be solid signings for the Padres, so we will have to wait and see if they land at least one of them. It is apparent that San Diego is a hot spot to sign with right now, so if they want the chance to play for a team that has the potential to win the World Series, they certainly could consider going there.

Alas, keep an eye out for the Padres making another notable signing from here. 

Photo Credit: © Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports