Hall Of Fame Balloting Update Suggests 3 Players Have A Shot

The early returns are in on the Baseball Hall of Fame balloting, and the partial results are currently suggesting that three players have a shot at getting in for 2023—none of them named Alex Rodriguez.

According to the results with about 12% of the ballots in, only Scott Rolen and Billy Wagner fall within the possible expected range of receiving the 75% of ballots needed, but Todd Helton is also very close. All three of those range in a percentage of anywhere from 60% to 78%. So no slam dunks, to be certain, but within range. 

In comparison, Alex Rodriguez, noted admitted and suspended steroid-user, whose numbers, like those of HOF persona non grata Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens before him, would easily be Hall of Fame-worthy, is falling into a 27%-43% range. Not even close.

The Crime Dog, Fred McGriff, is already heading to Cooperstown for 2023, courtesy of the Contemporary Baseball Era Players Committee, who voted him in last month. 

Photo: Jon Gudorf Photography, via Wikimedia Commons