Pitcher Receives 40-Game Suspension For Violent Beanball Attack

The wild brawl sparked by Asdrubal Cabrera this past week in the Venezuelan Winter League has claimed another victim. Pitcher Edubray Ramos of La Guaira was suspended for 40 games for intentionally and viciously throwing a fastball straight at the head of Liarvis Breto in the middle of the scrum. Breto was left with a large welt on his forehead.

The 40-game ban in the 56-game Winter League season would be equivalent to a 115-game ban in the majors. Ramos is one of ten players that were suspended for the brawl, which was set off when former 2-time major league All-Star Asdrubal Cabrera hammered a player from Caribes de Anzoátegui with a clothesline to the head as he rounded first base on his home run trot. 

“The pitcher Edubray Ramos (La Guaira) was suspended for forty (40) games," said the league's statement, "after violating the provisions contained in article 21, numerals 2 and 6, for which he applied numeral 18, of the Code of Ethics and Discipline of the LVBP, while he was fined five hundred dollars ($500) or its equivalent in bolivar."

Cabrera got the same $500 fine, an amount that somehow seems unequal to the length of the suspension.