MLB Rumors: Jacob deGrom "Pretty Likely" To Leave Mets

When the New York Mets were able to pounce quickly and re-sign reliever Edwin Diaz to a huge extension, they made it clear where their priorities lay in regard to their big stash of free agents this offseason. But where does that leave ace pitcher Jacob deGrom? According to MLB Insider Jon Heyman, probably on the way out.

"Folks who have spoken to the Mets lately opine that they believe deGrom seems pretty likely to leave," writes Heyman.

Another report out of the GM Meetings happening today in Las Vegas comes from Andy Martino of SNY. He believes that "the Mets will make a 'strong' early offer for deGrom, but that they won't let deGrom 'lead them down a free agency chase' to the high point of the bidding." 

Martino adds that "the Mets will offer what they think deGrom is worth, perhaps go a bit higher, and will be happy if he returns." He says the Mets are still "unsure" about whether or not deGrom wants to return to New York. 

The Texas Rangers and Atlanta Braves are the two teams the Mets are most concerned could steal deGrom. The Rangers, as we noted earlier today, are rumored to be all-in on big-time ace starters

 Photo: Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports