Fans Mocking The Outrageous Take That Jinxed The Mets

After the New York Mets were swept by the Atlanta Braves this weekend, relinquishing their season-long hold on first place, many fans were mocking the outrageous take back at the end of May from SNY broadcaster Sal Licata:

"You don't need me to tell you this, but I'm gonna tell you anyways!" shouted Licata on May 31st. "The NL EAST IS OVER. That's right, it's a wrap. No one is touching the Mets... And I don't even think the Braves are challenging them!"

His rant, with the Mets up 10.5 games on the Braves back on May 31st, now looks utterly ridiculous of course, as the Braves have taken over, and have a magic number of one to clinch the division over the last three days of the season.  

Now Braves fans and media alike are mocking Sal, and his infamous "The NL East Is Over":

One thing to keep in mind, in fairness, as noted by's Mark Feinsand, is that the Mets have actually played at a 95-win pace since that infamous May 31st rant. That's pretty darn good. It's just that the Braves have been absolutely insane since then. 

As for Licata, you have to give him credit. He even mocked himself Sunday night after the Braves' takeover of the division was complete: