Big Name Free Agent Will Not Be Eligible For The Postseason

For weeks now, we've been hearing that season-long free agent Michael Conforto would be signing with a team near you anytime soon, and provide a great offensive boost for a playoff team. 

Now, per MLB Insider Jon Heyman, the dream is over, as of the Aug. 31 deadline at midnight for players to be on a roster on Sept. 1 in order to be eligible for the postseason.

There were rumors that the Houston Astros had offered Conforto a two-year deal worth $30M, but his agent Scott Boras had a reply for that yesterday: 

“Astro offer isn’t accurate," Boras wrote. Most likely, the agent told Conforto to take no more than a one-year, rest-of-this-season deal so that he can re-enter free agency this offseason. 

Boras had been looking for a $100M+ deal for his client last winter (and had turned down the $18M qualifying offer from his team of 7 years, the New York Mets), but Boras didn't act before the lockout in December, and then Conforto seriously injured his shoulder in a personal workout in January. Surgery was in April.

Goodbye $100 Mill. And in fact, it was goodbye to any team being interested in him all season.

In his final year with the Mets in 2021, the 29-year-old Conforto hit 14 home runs, drove in 55, and hit .232 with a .729 OPS. Now all a full year off, and a shoulder surgery to boot. Let's see what Boras can make of that this winter.

Photo: Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports