Alek Manoah Rips Fan So Badly He Deletes Twitter Account

Don't ever disrespect Alejandro Kirk. That's the lesson that should be learned after a fan posted a body-shaming comment on Twitter about the Toronto Blue Jays catcher. His teammate, batterymate and fellow All-Star Alek Manoah came at the fan HARD.  

After the fan wrote that Kirk's body type was "embarrassing for the sport" and feeds into "negative baseball stereotypes," Manoah fired back with a savage response:

 "What’s actually embarrassing for the sport is people that go by the name of Matthew and have never played a day in the big leagues thinking they can control the narrative and stereotypes." And that wasn't all:

"So now you're saying attendance is down because too many big guys play the sport? Then let me ask you, why did he get millions of votes to start the all-star game? And What’s Narrow is your nose you should probably fix that." 

Savage. So savage that the fan has deleted his Twitter account. 

Others were also coming to Kirk's defense, slamming the embarrassing comments of "Matthew."

Another 'W' for the Jays' beast of an ace, Alek Manoah.

Photos: Jessica Rapfogel-USA TODAY Sports