Padres Make Shocking Bullpen Change

Even before they got Juan Soto, the San Diego Padres made what everyone considered one of the big coups of the trade deadline when they unexpectedly landed Josh Hader from the Milwaukee Brewers. Hader has been arguably the best closer in baseball over the last few seasons. 

Now, after compiling a shocking 16.20 ERA in five outings in San Diego, Padres manager Bob Melvin has pulled Hader from the closer's role... at least for now.

The Padres will go with a closer-by-committe for the time being. 

It's a stunning turn of events for Hader, who led the majors in saves with 29 when he came over to the Padres. However, a closer look reveals that Hader had been struggling going all the way back to July 1st with Milwaukee, as he's now allowed 19 runs and 34 baserunners in his last 12.2 innings, 7.2 of those in his final month with the Brewers.

And to make this whole situation even more bizarre, is the fact that the Brewers' current bullpen is also melting down, at exactly the same time as Hader is in San Diego.

The Brew Crew have lost 7 games to the St. Louis Cardinals in the NL Central since the trade deadline, much of it due to horrendous bullpen breakdowns. 

Photos: Ray Acevedo-USA TODAY Sports, Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports