Alex Manoah Calls Out Gerrit Cole To Come & Get Him

When Alex Manoah plunked Aaron Judge with a pitch in the 5th inning of a critical one-run ballgame on Sunday, it clearly wasn't intentional. But New York Yankees pitcher Gerrit Cole took exception and charged out of the dugout screaming at Manoah. 

The Jays' young All-Star phenom shot back at Cole after the game, calling him out to come closer next time, instead of stopping just in front of the Yankees dugout:

“If Gerrit wants to do something he can walk past the Audi sign next time” said Manoah, referring to the sign just outside the New York dugout. "I made a pitch, obviously it hit Judge," continued Manoah. "Obviously, I looked at (Judge) and I said, ‘Man, I’m not trying to do that.' I think he understood that." And that was clearly evident from the interaction between Manoah and Judge right afterwards. 

Cole was likely still steaming from getting roasted by the Jays on the weekend, and taking out his frustrations on the dugout ceiling.

Photos: Kevin Sousa-USA TODAY Sports, Tom Horak-USA TODAY Sports