Video: Madison Bumgarner LOSES IT At Ump, Gets Ejected After Hand Check

Sometimes, things aren't as they seem. Arizona Diamondbacks starter Madison Bumgarner was ejected after the first inning today after a blow-up with the umpires. At first it appeared that it could be due to the mandatory sticky substance check of his hands... 

Bumgarner was so irate, he had to be physically restrained as he tried get at first-base umpire Dan Bellino, who had done the hand-check. However, the anger appeared to actually be a result of a strike call that he did not get that inning. His hands were checked before the words were exchanged. 

Instead, Diamondbacks executive and former Major League pitcher Dan Haren said Bellino clearly instigated the confrontation, and is the one to blame.

“Was completely instigated by Dan Bellino, was staring at Bum until he looked at Bellino in the eyes,” Haren tweeted. “Wanted to throw him out. He was targeted, Bellino needs to be disciplined. Complete BS.” A look at this video, and it's clear, as the ump isn't even looking down at Mad Bum's hands. 

We're sure to hear more about this. 

Photo Credit: Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports