Detroit Tigers Manager Sick and Tired of Losing

Things aren't going very well for the Detroit Tigers this season and manager A.J Hinch is already getting frustrated. The veteran skipper is trying to do his best to stay positive but it's an uphill climb for the Tigers who continue to fill up the loss column.

The team was swept by the Houston Astros during their four-game set over the weekend and this week has started poorly as well, as the Tigers were shutout by the Oakland A's 2-0 on Monday. Hinch met with the media recently and voiced his displeasure for how the season is going so far:

If you are talking about this game, we got one hit and a couple of walks. We didn't do enough to win. They drew more walks (six) than hits (five) but had the one big swing on a mislocated pitch. Clearly, we're frustrated. Clearly, it's the same struggle. But it is what it is. We need to play better. We're going to go home and we need to fix this over the long haul. But it starts with one game. We have not played a really good, clean game where we've come out on top in a while. This was a terrible series. We're not playing well consistently. There have been flashes that it's going to get better, but we've got to put it together if we want to win a game.

The Tigers are bottom-feeding in almost every significant category offensively and have produced 11 homeruns in 28 games so far this season. Considering all the moves the team made in the offseason, seeing Detroit struggle to this effect is a bit surprising. Last season they enjoyed a 77-win season when everyone wrote them off, now it sounds like their starting to write themselves off in 2022.

Photo credit:   Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports