Video: Pirates' Bryan Reynolds Hits Crazy Triple

During Thursday's game against the Chicago Cubs, Pittsburgh Pirates star Bryan Reynolds hit one of the strangest triples you will ever see. With the Cubs utilizing a shift, Reynolds hit a little blooper behind third base. From here, the outfielder ran to the second for what seemed like an easy double. 

Yet, due to the fact that the Cubs shifted, third base was left wide open. This is where Reynolds show his high baseball IQ and made a beeline for third. Thus, a hit that didn't look too dangerous resulted in this wacky triple.

This is exactly what the doctor ordered for Reynolds. He is having a slow start to the year, as he has two home runs, three RBIs, and a .229 batting average. Yet, perhaps this will spark the 2021 All-Star to heat up. 

Photo Credit: © Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports