Video: Braves' Jansen Loses His Mind After Umpire Ends Warmup Early

Here's something you don't see everyday, home play umpire Bill Miller cut Atlanta Braves closer Kenley Jansen's warmup short after Miller wasn't happy with how long the break had already been between innings. 

Consider the risk of injuries involved, you can't blame Jansen for losing his mind, leading to Braves coaches Brian Snitker and Ron Washington having to run out to get involved. Miller only allowed Jansen to throw three warmup pitches and wanted things to end so bad, he stood in the way of the catcher after making the call for a batter.

Jansen is a three-time All-Star who is in his first season with the Braves after a long tenure with the Los Angeles Dodgers. His new teammates and coaching staff had to calm him down after this bizarre situation. Here's what transpired:

Photo credit: © Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports