Video: Benches Clear In Wild Brewers/Cubs Game

The 2022 MLB season kicked off this week and an early trend we're seeing is hitters getting beaned and the benches clearing shortly after. The latest installment was between the Milwaukee Brewers and Chicago Cubs, where Saturday brought some fire works between the two teams. 

The benches cleared between the two clubs after Brewers outfielder Andrew McCutchen was struck by a pitch from Cubs' reliever Keegan Thompson. When it's the top of the eighth inning in a 9-0 game, you can't blame 'Cutch' for getting pissed off.

It seemed as though Thompson was trying to send a message because on the previous pitch, he ran McCutchen inside and then of course made direct contact. The umps picked up on the shenanigans and ejected the Cubs pitcher from the game. While there were no punches thrown during the conversations Cubs outfielder Jason Heyward seemed to want some smoke. He ran out of the dugout faster than anyone and immediately planted himself in the cross fire.

While Thompson was tossed, McCutchen was left with a bruise and got this off his chest after the game:

Everybody and their mom knew, when I came up to bat, I was going to get hit. We all knew it was coming, but it was a matter of how you do it. ... I know they have some guys over there who aren't afraid to do it. And they'll do it right away. They won't wait around. Maybe have one of those guys. And I'll be the first to tell you: I ain't going to fight anyone, either. ... I just said, 'Hey, good job, you finally did it.'

Photo credit: Quinn Harris-USA TODAY Sports