Report: Aaron Judge Wants Extension In Different "Galaxy" From Jose Ramirez

The Jose Ramirez contract extension with the Cleveland Guardians is now putting more pressure than ever on the New York Yankees to extend Aaron Judge. With less than two days to go before the Judge-imposed Opening Day deadline, there is nothing but radio silence on the issue. 

Joel Sherman of the New York Post says that what Judge would likely be willing to accept on a contract extension is "not in the same galaxy, much less the same zip code" as what Ramirez accepted. J-Ram got a 5-year extension from the Guardians, bringing the total commitment (including the final two years of his current contract) to $150M over 7 years. 

As Sherman notes, the face of the Yankees franchise would be looking at "at least double" what Ramirez received in his extension. The 29-year-old Judge, it's noted, will be looking at comps with fellow outfielders Mike Trout, who is signed with the Los Angeles Angels for 12 years at $426.25M (through his age-38 season), and to Mookie Betts, who the Los Angeles Dodgers signed for 12 years, $365M (through his age-39 season).

Andy Martino of SNY has taken a wild stab at a figure, while acknowledging that things have been awfully quiet around the negotiations.

If Judge is eyeing Trout or Betts money, 7 years, $224M doesn't get it done. 

But the Yankees do have one thing going for them: A rainout of tomorrow's scheduled opener gives them 24 more hours to knock this thing out of the park.

Photo Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports