Phillies Fans Give Alec Bohm Standing Ovation Following Controversial Comments

It was the top of the second inning and the Phillies were down 3-0 to the Mets. Starling Marte grounded a weak ball to short and infielder Alec Bohm fielded it perfectly for the out. Citizens Bank Park erupted with cheering for Bohm, but he wasn't happy. In fact, he was so furious that cameras caught him telling his teammate, Didi Gregorious, "I f***ing hate this place."

Yup, that's a bad look. For context, Alec Bohm had committed three throwing errors prior to the clip shown above. MLB analysts have been commenting on Philadelphia's poor defence since the beginning of spring training. Bohm's errors epitomised the criticism and sent Phillies fans into a wave of frustration.

But Alec Bohm was sure to make things right after the game. When reporters asked him about the comment, he admitted guilt and apologised to the fans. 

"These people -- these fans -- they just wanna win," he said. Referring to his words, he said, "I'm sorry for them. I don't mean that."

Turns out the fans loved his apology so much they gave him a standing ovation the next time he took the field. Phillies manager Joe Girardi held Bohm out of Tuesday night's game against the Mets, but pinched him in to hit in the eighth inning. As Bohm walked to the batter's box with Kanye West's "Famous" in Citizens Bank Park, Phillies fans rose from their seats and showed Bohm they accepted his apology in the best way ever. 

Twitter reacted in a flurry. Many users were quick to call Philadelphia an amazing "sports town." One user even commented that Alec Bohm jersey sales have seen an uptick recently.

Bohm probably doesn't "f***ing hate" Philly anymore.  

Photo Credit: Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports