MLB Rumors: Oakland Athletics Moving Franchise to Las Vegas

Sounds like it's eventually coming to fruition, the Oakland Athletics will be moving to Las Vegas. A's president Dave Kaval admitted he believes the city of Las Vegas will eventually host an MLB franchise and it very well could be his. Kaval is looking to make the move and would love to call Sin City the new home of the franchise.

Kaval met with the media and had this to say about relocating his baseball club:

We're negotiating with different parties. We've had a lot of detailed meetings on some of these term sheets ... pretty shortly, we're going to be announcing a site in Las Vegas because we have to have a real option down in Las Vegas. I think eventually there will be a Major League Baseball team there, and I think there's a real chance that it could be the A's.

Oakland's president went on to mention the latest lawsuit filed against the city of Oakland and the team about their proposed new development is playing a huge factor in everything: 

It just brings more uncertainty and further reinforces why we're spending so much time and effort, and we have such a sincere interest in Las Vegas as an option for the club

This is nothing new for A's fans, they have been hearing the rumors for close to a decade. The ball started rolling even faster on the move after MLB commissioner Rob Manfred recommended to the team to consider relocation back in 2021 after new stadium talks weren't going anywhere. For now, the team stays and will play out this season in the Bay area. Three years from now? They could be throwing from a mound on the Vegas strip.

Photo credit:  © Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports