VIDEO: Seiya Suzuki Gives Cubs Fans A Glimpse Of What's To Come

When the Chicago Cubs won the Seiya Suzuki sweepstakes, and the Nippon League superstar signed on to play in the Windy City for five years, his performance was still all heresay. No one had seen him play in person. 

On Wednesday, he tried to put any questions to rest, with his first hit in a Cubs uniform at spring training. Just check out this prodigious blast. 

It took him four games to adjust to the Cactus League pitching, going hitless in those games. Then today, his first hit—"in style". 

Suzuki blasted 38 home runs for the Hiroshima Carp in 2021, with a 1.069 OPS. He's a 5-time All-Star, 2-time batting champion, and 5-time Gold Glove-equivalent winner in the Nippon League. He's a 5-tool talent, with speed, power and defense. 

The Cubs bested all comers in the chase to sign Suzuki during his 30-day posting window from the Carp, and handed him a 5-year, $85M contract.