"Shame On Us!": Yankees President Speaks Out On Lockout

New York Yankees president Randy Levine is embarrassed by what's happening with the baseball lockout costing games. He says this is a "horrible, horrible situation" and "we all look pretty bad."

He appeared on the Michael Kay Show on New York radio today, and when asked if there's any chance the entire season could be wiped out, said what's on everybody's mind:

That’s a mind-boggling horrid, horrid thought. Shame on all of us if that ever gets to that, shame on all of us.

He went on to say, however, that the union made choices during the last CBA negotiations five years ago, and now there's an "economic system that they aren't happy with. That they believe has gone against them. But that was a decision that they made."

Levine insisted that the Yankees, and most other teams, haven't recouped the revenues they lost during the pandemic. The players must understand that "there's a finite amount of money" available. 

He said the union has to understand that, "if you give money from the pot to young players, then there may be less money for older players in free agency... (or) maybe a 4th or 5th-year arbitration-eligible player won't get tendered." 

Summing up, Levine just wants everyone to get on with the realities, and save the game: "Forget blaming people or yelling at people or being mad at people. We are where we are. We need to get this done."

Photo Credit: Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports