Veteran Outfielder May Retire To Take Coaching Position

The Los Angeles Angels are hoping to finalize their coaching staff for 2022, and it could include a ten-year MLB veteran, who could be ready to turn in his playing cleats for a coach's clipboard. Adam Eaton played 25 games for the Angels in 2021, but it was pretty clear his career was winding down, as he was released twice this past season. 

Sources tell MLB insider Ken Rosenthal that because he is currently locked out as a member of the players association, he is unable to sign the coaching contract. The Angels had discussed the position with Eaton before the shutdown on Dec. 1st.
Major League Baseball, in all its wisdom, has determined that Eaton, who became a free agent after the Angels released him before the end of the season, is considered "locked out", and unable to sign. The union, of course, is arguing that a locked-out "player" should not be prevented from discussing employment as a coach (coaches and management are not covered under the lockout).

Eaton has been considering retiring, after he was only able to muster a .201 average in 2021 for the Chicago White Sox and then the Angels, after a .226 mark with the Washington Nationals in 2020. 

As Rosenthal reports, Eaton would have to accept a coaching position "that almost certainly would pay him less than the $1 million buyout on his $7 million free-agent deal signed last offseason. 

It's a muddled situation, with neither the Angels nor Eaton having a clear path to make a decision while the lockout continues. 

Photo Credit:  Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports