Rob Manfred & MLB Fires Beloved Reporter From MLB Network

It's safe to say that baseball commissioner Rob Manfred hasn't been the most popular guy in the sport these past few years. His bungling of the Houston Astros cheating scandal, his calling the World Series trophy "a piece of metal", and his general appearance to not be a fan of the game are examples of the contempt baseball fans and players alike have for him. 

Now, his willingness to fire one of baseball's most beloved reporters from MLB Network has just added to the fire. Ken Rosenthal, known not only as one of the most connected baseball "insiders", but also one of its classiest individuals, will no longer be employed by baseball. 

Reports say he was fired because he had criticized Manfred in stories written last year. 

Rosenthal had been at MLB Network for over 12 years, and was a key part of its newsbreaking team. The league's lame statement from a spokesperson was quoted in the New York Post:

As MLB Network continues to look at fresh ways to bring baseball to our viewers, there is a natural turnover in our talent roster that takes place each year.

A much more classy statement was posted by Rosenthal himself on Twitter, where he stated that he was "grateful" for his time at the network.  

"Can confirm MLB Network has decided not to bring me back," Rosenthal wrote. "I’m grateful for the more than 12 years I spent there, and my enduring friendships with on-air personalities, producers and staff. I always strove to maintain my journalistic integrity."

He added that he will continue to cover the sport for The Athletic and Fox Sports. Great news for all of us who do love baseball.