Top 5 First Baseman Available in Free Agency (And Possible Destinations)


The first base market is one of the strongest in this year's free agent crop. A number of the 1B-elibible players also have position flexibility, adding to their allure. 

Here now, the top 3 first basemen (or, more accurately, players who can play first base) available in free agency this winter.

1. Freddie Freeman

One of the best hitters in all of baseball, he's already a legend in Atlanta. He's got an MVP and now a World Series under his belt. 

Braves GM Alex Anthopoulos has already said "Our goal is to sign him and keep  him a Brave," and there's really no reason at all to doubt that that will happen. 

It would be the biggest upset of free agency if Freeman doesn't re-up with Atlanta.

Top Destination: Atlanta

2. Kris Bryant

Bryant appears on many lists this offseason, as he's just as coveted an outfielder, and even third baseman, as he is a first baseman. It's that versatility that'll bring in a substantial offer from a number of teams. He finished the season strong after the San Francisco Giants acquired him at the trade deadline. 

Top Destinations: San Francisco, New York Mets, Seattle Mariners

3. Kyle Schwarber

All this guy does is rake. Schwarber had a monumental home run flurry back in June for the Washington Nationals, that made him a desired target at the trade deadline. He delivered big-time offense for the Boston Red Sox as well, after they  acquired him. 

The only catch here, is that having him on a list of "first basemen" is sort of a misnomer. His defense there is suspect; he registered a minus-3 defensive runs saved, despite only 10 games played at first for Boston. The Nationals made room for him in the outfield earlier in 2021, and that certainly didn't hurt his focus at the plate. However, DH is where he truly belongs. 

If the DH becomes standard in the NL in 2022, his suitors on the market will have essentially doubled. 

Top Destinations: Boston Red Sox, Toronto Blue Jays, Washington Nationals

4. Anthony Rizzo

Rizzo is still a sought-after commodity, but at 32 years old, it certainly appears that his best years are behind him. His OPS and batting average dropped considerably the past two years from his career averages, and he does have a recurring lower back issue that continues to crop up. 

Nevertheless, his veteran leadership and Gold Glove-worthy fielding will still net him a handsome payday.

Top Destinations: New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox, Miami Marlins

5. Brandon Belt

On a team that prided itself on using its entire roster, Belt was quite probably the San Francisco Giants' MVP in 2021, with an OPS of .975, helping lead them to an unexpected 107-win season. 

The Giants offered the 33-year-old the $18.4M qualifying offer, so there's still a chance he could accept that and forego free agency, as the Giants are the only team he's known in his 11-year career. That career-high 29 home runs, however, could speak dollars to Belt, which could prompt him to decline the QO and try for at least a two-year contract. 

Top Destination: San Francisco

Photo Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports