3 Potential Landing Spots For Kyle Seager

In a move that all baseball fans knew would happen, the Seattle Mariners decided to not pick up Kyle Seager's $20 million option. The longtime Mariner played 11 years for the franchise and will always be remembered for his immense contributions on and off the field. 

What's great for him is that he is becoming a free agent after a season where he hit a career high 35 home runs and had 101 RBIs. However, even with these very solid power numbers, he had a .212 batting average - the worst of his career. Yet, teams will surely still be interested in him, as he is one of the top third basemen on the market and can be a real power threat.

Here are three teams who come to mind. 

New York Yankees: We recently discussed the possibility of the Yankees having the Seager brothers on the left of their infield next season. The Yankees absolutely could use help at third base and Kyle wouldn't be a bad option. As we previously stated, he is coming off of a season where he hit 35 home runs and Yankee Stadium is known for being a hitter's ballpark. Thus, he could very well not only could reach his career high in dingers, but also pass it. 

San Francisco Giants: If the Giants are unable to re-sign Kris Bryant, they certainly could use Seager as a possible replacement. After their 107-win campaign in 2021, they absolutely will want to continue to be contenders this upcoming season. When looking at the other third basemen available via free agency, it is hard to find many better than Seager. 

Milwaukee Brewers: Similarly to the Giants, the Milwaukee Brewers could lose Eduardo Escobar on the open market. If this occurs, they too should be in on Seager. If Seager is able to replicate his power totals from last season, it would be worth the gamble. The Brewers desperately need to take that next step, as the talent is there, but they just haven't been able to finish. It also doesn't hurt that he comes with a ton of overall experience and would be a great leader.

Photo Credit: © Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports