It's Official: Study Says NY Mets Fans Are Most Stressed Out in MLB

They say that timing is everything. So the timing of this study, then, couldn't be more on the mark. What's the most stressed fanbase in baseball? Did anyone doubt that the New York Mets' faithful would top this list? 

According to BETUS, their research involved checking for comments in over 100,000 Tweets and Reddit forum threads, and they used a tool called TensiStrength, which measures the strength of "stress and relaxation expressed in short texts."

The result? The free-falling Mets have stressed out their fans more than any other team in major league baseball. The Mets have plummeted from their perch atop the NL East in the past three weeks with a 6-17 record, leaving them in 3rd place, 7.5 games back of the now division-leading Atlanta Braves.

The study determined that 32% of Mets fans comments were "stressed", leading the way for baseball. 

    1. New York Mets          32%
    2. Houston Astros          31%
    3. Chicago White Sox    30%
    4. San Diego Padres       29%
    5. Texas Rangers            29%

No surprise to see Padres' fans in the top 5 either, as they have also done a freefall of late out of a playoff spot.

Interestingly, the AL West-leading Houston Astros' fanbase placed 2nd, at 31%, no doubt being stressed by the constant all-out hate their team takes from fans all over the sport due to their cheating scandal that netted them a World Series win in 2017.

Photo Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports