Update: Cleveland's New Name Has Now Been Released


And just like that, Cleveland's new name has been released. Moving forward, they will be called the Guardians. They announced the official name change on the team's official Twitter account today. On a side note, Tom Hanks narrates it and The Black Keys plays music for it. That's pretty cool to say the least. 

The franchise had announced this past December that they wanted to move on from their previous name. This was after years of complaints about its depiction of Native Americans. 

Before choosing the Guardians as their new name, they went over a list of almost 1,200 potential team names. However, over the last month, they quickly came to the conclusion that Guardians was the best name for them moving forward. 

It'll be cool to see Cleveland take the field as the Guardians soon. The expected logo from the video looks fantastic. 

Photo Credit: © Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports