The Cleveland Indians Have Their New Name Picked


The Cleveland Indians have reportedly decided on their new name moving forward. It has not been announced to the public yet, but it should be in the near future. 

This past December, the MLB decided that it was time for the Indians to retire the name. The team kept it for this season and were aiming to make the change for the 2022 season. Now that they have agreed on one, perhaps their original goal will now come into fruition. If not, expect to see them officially change it for 2023.

It will be intriguing to see what name they have chosen. The Spiders would be awesome, as it would pay homage to the former professional baseball team that played from 1887 to 1899. Cy Young also has the Spiders as his primary team in the Hall of Fame, so perhaps that will give it more of a chance. 

Photo Credit: © Thomas Shea-USA TODAY Sports