MLB Features First All-Female Broadcast

Tuesday night's Baltimore Orioles-Tampa Bay Rays game made history, as the game featured an all-female crew calling the game for the first time in MLB history. 

Melanie Newman provided the play-by-play with Sarah Langs her sidekick in the booth. Alanna Rizzo was at field-level with analysis while the game was anchored by Heidi Watney and Lauren Gardner

Watney has been vocal about the changes she has seen in MLB since she entered the league in 2008. 
I think it’s really changing, I really do believe that. I’m not just saying that because I’m out here as someone who kind of feels like I’m a spokesperson for MLB, being on the network side of things. I feel that, in the game, even from when I became the Red Sox reporter in 2008, until now, there’s been a big change in the game. Who would have thought that the first female GM in all of American pro sports would be here in baseball? And there she is and doing wonderful things in Miami with Derek Jeter.

This is a positive step towards equality for women within the media as the NHL, NFL and MLS have all had all-female crews call games in the last few years. Rizzo for one, is a fan of the changing of the guard

I’ve always had a male play-by-play voice in my ear during every game I’ve ever done. To do a game where those voices are Melanie and Sarah, that will be a unique feeling and a unique perspective of the game. It’s exciting to be a part of something like this.
Langs also provided some additional thoughts on the game
We've talked a lot about how firsts are important, but mostly because they lead to the second and onward. And they're not the last. There's no question that representation really matters. Seeing it helps you realize you can do it. I just look forward to the way-down-the-line types of impact that this could have. That certainly makes me a little bit emotional and just is really, really great to know.

Photo Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports