White Sox Trying to Acquire a Second Baseman

The Chicago White Sox were dealt a major blow as second baseman Nick Madrigal is out for the season. Management is now talking to multiple teams about acquiring some talent to replace Madrigal and a deal could go down in the next couple of weeks.

Some names to consider for the club include Adam Frazier, who is having a good year for the Pittsburgh Pirates. The 29-year-old is someone who can make contact at the plate and keep the lineup moving. He's not going to 'wow' you with his defense, but he's able to get to the balls he should. The kicker here is Frazier also plays other positions including the outfield and the White Sox love his versatility.

Other names to look out for that are tied to the White Sox include Jonathan Schoop and Brock Holt. Both players have shown some power in the past, but more so Chicago just wants someone they know can stay in the lineup each day and contribute some contact at the plate.

Photo credit:  Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports