Reds Come To The Rescue For Heartbroken Little Fan

It was Abigail's first-ever MLB game. She came to cheer on her favorite player ever, Joey Votto. Even wore a Joey Votto shirt. Imagine her devastation when Votto was ejected by an umpire in the very first inning!  

Little Abigail's tearful image quickly made the rounds on social media, and the Cincinnati Reds just as quickly went to bat for her. 

And before the game was over, Abigail had in her hands a personally signed ball from Joey Votto:

"I'm sorry I didn't play the entire game," reads the ball. 

It's not often a heated argument about balls and strikes has a heartwarming ending, but kudos on this one to Votto and the Reds. 

Photo Credit: @SuperBarry11