Pitchers To Be Checked 2X per Game As New Sticky Stuff Rules Start To Pan Out


Major League Baseball's crackdown on pitchers using foreign substances is coming soon to a stadium near you. 

Starting pitchers would be checked by umpires twice a game at the end of innings, and relief pitchers once a game. Ideally, this will happen during commercial breaks so as not to interrupt pace of play.

Umps will be able to inspect any part of a pitcher's uniform, plus his hands and other parts of his skin. 

MLB of course is hoping NOT to find any violations, so in order to avoid too many embarrassing situations they'll be giving players plenty of notice before the ramped-up checks begin.

Baseball fans were happy to weigh in with their thoughts as well: 

Looks like we're in for a hot, sticky summer in the major leagues.  

Photo Credit:  Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports