White Sox "Openly Shopping" Former All-Star

Perhaps it's contracts like this that help explain why the Chicago White Sox are in the predicament they're currently in, with the worst record in all of baseball at 24–62. In 2022, they signed corner outfielder Andrew Benintendi to a five-year, $75 million free agent deal, and it's pretty much blown up in their faces. 

Now, as the 29-year-old sits on a .196 batting average and an OPS+ of just 55, the White Sox are "opening shopping" Benintendi, according to MLB insider Jon Heyman. 

(Chicago) would love to get out of his contract. He’s still owed nearly $50 million from 2025-2027.

Of course, finding a taker for a player sporting a .546 OPS and a .246 on-base percentage with a $16.5 million salary is easier said than done. 

Chicago can only hope that somewhere, there's a team looking for a veteran left-handed bat, one who was an All-Star as recently as 2022. 

That disastrous $75 million contract is actually the richest ever handed out by the White Sox franchise. In his first year with the team, last season, he hit .262 with five home runs, a .682 OPS and an 88 OPS+. 

He was a top-notch hitter for the Boston Red Sox for five seasons to begin his career, displaying a great hit tool, some power, and great defense to boot. None of those attributes are still evident, however, several years later. 

Nevertheless, the Pale Hose are trying  to get some team interested in taking him off their hands. 

Photo: © Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports