Disturbing Update on Rays' Wander Franco


He's been absent from the Tampa Bay Rays on administrative leave since last August when disturbing details started to emerge about an alleged relationship with an underaged girl. Now, it's emerged that Wander Franco will be formally charged in the Dominican Republic with commercial sexual exploitation of a minor. 

The one-time top prospect in baseball might never see the major leagues—or the vast majority of his $180 million contract—again if he is found guilty. But even if he is not, major league baseball could still impose harsh disciplinary actions, including a lengthy suspension, if their own findings warrant it. And beyond that, as in the case of Trevor Bauer, it's likely that there are no MLB teams that would be interested in the bad PR that getting involved with Franco would entail.

Prosecutors in the DR have until July to present the formal accusations.

It all began last August when pictures of the 23-year-old Franco and the girl in question, who was 14 at the time, began circulating on social media. MLB placed him on the restricted list before the Rays acted quickly to remove the player from the team. 

He is, for the time being, still being paid his $2 million annual salary while on administrative leave. 

Photo: © Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports